Friday, 18 April 2014

My favorite accessories

Hi! Hi! How are you guys? I hope you're all fine.

Lately, i've been a bad blogger for not updating much each months. Sorry..D: I'm too lazy to update after working on my assignment at ESMOD. TT__TT

who said we, fashion design students, only go shopping and drawing? WTF... I have to do a lot of things. Even for my favorite subject, Fashion Design class.
I still have to make a lot of moodboard, make mock up based on my moodboard, create creative fabrics, read a lot for moodboard, and so on...

I barely watch TV nowdays, so don't bother ask me if i can open and update my blog. I totally out of time to do fun things, even to hang out by myself at nearby mall.
The only soc med i've been totally engrossed to is instagram. Haha!
It is easy to update all the day, soo... yeah... I assume you can see my daily updates there instead of here.
I also posted some review there, instead of blog. So if you don't mind, please follow me there.

Oh well, i almost forgot about my purpose of writing this post.
I've been into these pretty accessories i got from Born Pretty, my lovely sponsor.

Watch from Bugis | Bracelet from Born Pretty
Necklace also from Born Pretty
And this is my selfie. Forgive my silly face.

Instagram version posted a week ago (maybe?)

They surely have a lot of pretty accessoies with affordable price! Do visit them HERE for your purchase! Use my code AGT10 for 10% OFF of your order! They also provide free shipping worldwide! How kind!

See you guys soon on my next post..


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Shoes, shoes, shoes.

I don't know why, but lately my eyes always put more attention to shoes shop. One lead to another, and most of them break my heart by providing small size (so i couldn't even try on them and drooling over them), or they don't have any pair to match my dream shoes.

I was searching on a lot of online shop too and i find these pretty shoes all over the website!! How lucky i am!

1 2 3 4 5 6

So! Have you heard about Dressale? Yes, yes, and yes! They are the one who sell a lot of pretty dresses for wedding, prom, cocktail, bridesmaid, and daily dresses! But, have you ever set your eyes to their shoes section? If not, check them out now! They have affordable shoes with pretty and unique design. You won't find them anywhere around Jakarta. LOL~

As for me, i was like 'WOAH! This one is pretty!', 'This one is pretty too!' and so on..and so on..
Those are some of my wishlist from Dressale. Why don't you see and choose one or two from them?

See you next time!

Anastasia G

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Mixed feeling

Hello guys~! How are you?

I'm in my last week of school before i got a full week spring break. I love how ESMOD Jakarta follow the schedule of ESMOD Paris. We got a lot of holiday here, including local public holiday. Yeayy~~

I'm sorry i've been a bad bad blogger here. But don't blame me please, i got a lot of work here. I prefer to finish my assignments above anything (so i can go to bed early). Sometimes i even skip my dinner. LOL~ This is why i love holiday so much..(who doesn't?)

I have mixed feeling lately due to my school problem. I was pretty tired from the work, lack of motivation, and more. What worse is, my body keeps telling me to rest, but my brain keeps saying i have to do this, to do that, to join this and that. My shoulder feel stiff when i do things for a long time, like sewing or typing my paper (yes, it feels sore now).

Thanks God i can face it. Some weeks ago, i was faced with bitter comments from my teacher. Well, i admitted i can't take critiques well, but i need it to keep my motivation in pace. I also found out that compliments can also make you less motivated and satisfied enough with what you've achieved. Thanks to my thought, i can take critiques better. It was necessary to keep me on track, to remind me to grow, to study, to never let myself being satisfied with my skill and knowledge. 

My way to solve things was just to sit alone and think back about the cause of the problem, what i've done and thought back then, and what should i do next. It was always effective to calm me down, and find the solution.

You might have different method to solve your problems. What you need was to fully know what the most effective way. So... What's your way to solve your problems? Share a bit won't bite you..:)

What i wore:
White summer dress - Bali | Oversized shirt wore as outerwear - Mangga Dua
GOWIGASA moody cat bag | unbranded stocking & necklace
Brown ankle boots - Payless

Okay, see you next time..I wish i can update more.


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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Missing Things

It's been a while, how are you guys? I was pretty busy and lazy to spare some little time of mine to update this blog. I'm sorry for that. I don't know why, but recently i always feel so tired and working on my assignment becomes a drag sometimes. And thanks to my laziness, my assignments are piling up. T^T

I know wholeheartly that i got a lot of assignment to do, but i can't help myself. I want to relax, i want a holiday! So instead of working on those assignment, i went and spent my weekend on my parents' business meeting on Sat, and attending IFW today (i will post the photos later). LOL~

I wonder what should i do to refresh my motivation and stamina for my school assignment and blogging. Do you have any idea to help me here?

What i wore:
UNIQLO stars hoodie | Stradivarius shorts | unbranded stocking
June+Julia Shoes

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See you again later!


photo are taken and edited by me

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

[Rieview] Freshlight Blythe Champagne Pink

 Hi guys! :D

Today i want to share about this cute packaging hairdye from Japan, Freshlight Blythe. It was my first time using this brand. I picked this one because from many japanese hairdye brand, it's the only one who provide (read: promise) a lighter shade of choco pink.

I was wondering when will i have to redye my hair since the root was showing more and more. So, after i had a haircut, i decided to redye my hair.

The product package:


What inside:

My former blonde hair turned into a slight choco pink like they promised. :D I'm totally satisfied. Even my root fully covered.

It was more pink when it was half done.  (∏ ù ∏)

Overall i love this product, eventhough the chemical smell was rather strong (more stronger than Palty). More over, they are sold for a rather cheap price (less than 100.000 IDR), as for me, i bought it for 50% off the real price (• ˆ⌣ˆ •)

Packaging: 4/5
Tutorial paper: 3/5 (they only provide in (mostly) thailand and english)
Smell: 3.5/5
Price: 5/5
Result: 5/5

You can find the brand in guardian, carefour, and hypermart (so far i found them there).

See you next time!


Saturday, 1 February 2014

[Review] Born Pretty

Hi again, dear! How are you? I've been postponing this post due to the CNY preparation and stuff. Anyway, since i haven't do any proper photoshoot for the outfit, i will leave it later. Now it's time for another review of my favorite accessories from BORN PRETTY, my favorite online shop who sell jewerly, accessories, nailart tools, phone case, and many more!

They sent me another package like a month ago and i'm pretty sorry about the total late review. It's not like i don't like their product. Quite the contrary, i totally love their product, specially their accessories and jewerly.

I got this pretty ring and bracelet in my second package and i always wear them everywhere i go. LOL~ I posted some photos of them in my instagram too, you would notice it if you're my follower! :D

I totally fall in love in the first sight with the color combination! :D

I always search this kind of ring, a simple silver one with two lining. :D
There is one other things i received from BornPretty, and it is a hair chalk! Wohoo! I haven't used it though, thanks to the rainy weather. I'm afraid the color will be erased by the rain since i mostly go outside on feet (and with the habit of leaving my umbrella inside my room). (TT__TT). I will use it once the rainy season passed. Hoho!

These are the links of my received items:
If you're interested in buying something from them, you can save up 10% by using my code, AGT10, at the checkout! They also provide free shipping worldwide, so why wait? Shop now girls!
Last for the post, have a nice weekend!
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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Gloomy Monday

Hello again, guys. How are you in this gloomy week? The week closed and started with heavy rain, sometimes it rained all day, sometimes it rained for a minute, or an hour. Basically the place where i live is in danger of being flooded (it happened every year though).

This week is my last week of the first semester as ESMOD JAKARTA's student. It's not as hectic as usual, but with the holiday mood around, i lost my pace and i'm not in the mood to work on my assignment. Damn!

What i wore:
Pull and Bear Striped top | unbranded black jacket
Uniqlo black leggings | Payless black boots
Born Pretty gothic lace bracelets

I hope you have better days than me, especially in the preparation for CNY! :D If you happened to search for any jewerly, accessories, and nailart tools for your CNY preparation, visit Born Pretty and you will find them in affordable price! Use my code: AGT10 for 10% off your order! :D

You haven't heard about Born Pretty? Then read my review about it HERE!

Have a good week everyone!

See you next time!


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